Mayer’s Reagent

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Mayer’s Reagent & It’s Reaction with Alkaloids

Used for the detection of alkaloids in natural products.

Mayer’s reagent is freshly prepared by dissolving a mixture of mercuric chloride (1.36 g) and of potassium iodide (5.00 g) in water (100.0 ml).

Most alkaloids are precipitated from neutral or slightly acidic solution by Mayer’s reagent (potassiomercuric iodide solution) to give a cream coloured precipitate.


9 comments on “Mayer’s Reagent

  1. What’s the mechanism of Mayer’s test for the detection of alkaloids

  2. rose de sable says:

    could you please send me the reference of this reagent of Mayer!!
    thanks a lot

  3. This is avery fascnating hint that i have got.

  4. This infoormation is very god for my research work ;if you have any addational information send to me by my e-mail address .

  5. I have a 5% that is guaranteed 3500 mg per ounce, but if you go by 600 drops per ounce, and the standard 6.25 mg per drop for 5% it should be 3750 for 5% so 2 % should be about 1500 mg for one ounce.

  6. that is the mechanism of dragendorff’s reagent on alkaloids

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  8. veeresh says:

    This information is very god for my research work. Thank you

  9. Dr N Y Sapre says:

    what is the HS CHAPTER CODE ? Does it come under 3203

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